Investment Advisory


As an investor, putting together a sound investment strategy in ever-changing financial markets can be further complicated by the wide array of investment options available to you.

That’s why at St. Clair Advisors, we believe a thoughtful and comprehensive plan, combined with consistent application of a disciplined process, can provide you with the peace of mind that you can reach your goals. As your life changes, we’ll be there to ensure your investment plan evolves with you.

Our philosophy is based on the following key tenets:


  • We believe in investing based on facts, not emotions
    We don’t believe that emotions – including our own – have a role in making everyday decisions about your investments. Relying on thoughtful analysis, rather than emotions, has proven beneficial to our clients over time.
  • We believe in seeking to reduce risk in a portfolio
    We believe that asset allocation, asset location and asset selection are key tools in building an investment portfolio. We will consider both active and passive management strategies to help minimize risk and improve long term returns.
  • We believe in minimizing the impact of taxes and fees
    We focus on tax management and efficiency to help control tax implications within your portfolio and to help enhance after-tax returns.
  • We believe in taking advantage of tactical opportunities in the market
    While timing the market is nearly impossible, we do believe market inefficiencies and opportunities present themselves from time to time.  We actively look for such opportunities during periods of market or economic volatility.
  • We believe that having a long-term approach is important
    Because it reduces risk and increases the likelihood of success, we encourage our clients to adopt a long-term view of investing. Returns can vary widely in the short run.
  • We believe in objectivity
    Our independence is critical to our ability to offer objective, unbiased advice.  As a fiduciary, we are bound both legally and ethically to act in our clients’ best interest.  Our independence is critical to our ability to offer objective and unbiased counsel to our clients in choosing the strategy that best meets their needs, not ours.


At St. Clair Advisors, we have a clearly defined process in place to develop and implement your investment strategy. It’s our consistent and disciplined adherence to this proven approach that maximizes returns while minimizing risk.


  • Assess Your Financial Situation and Goals
    We review your current financial situation in detail to better understand your short- and long-term objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements and income requirements. We use this information to define and document your goals and expectations.
  • The Preparation and Maintenance of an Investment Policy Statement
    Our Investment Policy Statement is designed to outline your investment goals and strategies. We use it to ensure that clients stay focused on their objectives and as a baseline to monitor and review the investment performance of the portfolio.
  • Develop Your Strategic Asset Allocation Plan
    From your investment policy statement, we outline strategic asset allocation targets that are appropriate to your investment needs and risk tolerance. We also create ranges around the targets to allow for tactical adjustments in response to market opportunities or risks.
  • Implement the Designed Strategy
    The execution strategy depends on liquidity, tax and other considerations that have been reviewed in the planning process. We source appropriate public and private investment strategies from best-in-class investment managers who have been carefully screened and approved.
  • Monitor Performance and Rebalance Your Portfolio
    We review and monitor your portfolio to ensure that it continues to align with your Investment Policy Statement. We also discuss whether any adjustments are required because of changes in your personal or financial situation.